The Forgotten Xenomorph
About Me (Part 1)

Hello peeps.

It’s taken me awhile to start blogging again. In fact if you were to search the internets, you’ll probably find that I’ve got at least 3 or 4 running around.

My biggest problem for as long as I can remember if lack of focus. So we’re going to try to use this to rectify that and keep me directed. At least somewhat. It’s never been an issue to come up with ideas or what to do, it’s just actually doing it and more importantly, following through on it.

I’m going to use this post first as an introduction to me, who I am, what I want to do and my various opinions about things and such. I’m going to phrase it in the form of a FAQ even though no questions have actually been asked yet and I’m just making this up as I go.

1. Who the hell are you?

Answer that and we’ll both be a bit smarter.

I consider myself to be a whirlwind of ideas and opinions known as N’Eligahn (or Nel or Neli). I’ve been a fairly regular denizen of the internet since about 2001.

Around late 2011, I finally became inspire to start producing video content online. My current primary content is Sci-Fi Showdown (hint: On and I’ve been working to get a regular Guild Wars 2 series called “Tours and Tactics” moving forward on YouTube. (hint: The Playlist is here.)

My overall goal is to entertain while having fun doing what I enjoy doing, i.e. Sci-Fi movies and playing video games. If you’re not entertained by what I do then I’m sorry, but it’s what I do.

I’ll endeavor to stay cordial and polite unless something or someone really pisses me off. Otherwise, I like to let Ellif handle any of the witticisms or exchanges. He has a lot more fun with it than I do.

Other than that, I just want to make videos that I hope you enjoy.

2. What kind of a name is “N’Eligahn?

Where do most internet handles come from?

Answer: Anywhere you want them to.

My internet experiences began in late 2000, early 2001. I finally managed to convince my mom that the internet wasn’t a 24/7 open tube that allowed random strangers to root around in your computer. (Okay, it technically can if you get the right viruses or Trojans, but then it was believed it was the equivalent of an electronic open door.)

I love ya, mom, but this is one of my favorite debates we had.

My first online name was Luv1cheese. This was mainly because 1Luvcheese and Cheese1Luv were already taken by Yahoo!Mail and I was feeling particularly goofy at the time.

The first community I became engaged with was the one built up around the game Alien vs Predator Gold Edition. Or as it is now known, AvP Classic 2000 on Steam. Around that time I read a piece of Alien vs Predator fan fiction by “The Ranger” on the now kinda defunct Planet AvP (Here).

I’ve tried looking for it, but to no avail. I remember it featured an alien main character whose named began with an “N” that I can’t for the life of me remember.

So as an homage to it, I wrote some fan-fic of my own. (WARNING: May Contain Wall o’ Text!)

The story really went nowhere but I grew to like the name and started using it everywhere.

And in case anyone cares, it’s pronounced “Nell-ih-gahn”. It’s also why Nel tends to be the main nickname.

Hint: That’s also where the name for this blog came from. Don’t you love how everything comes full circle!

Okay, taking that trip down memory lane made me feel kinda old. I’ll continue with this later.

Take care,